Our company, with near 100 years of history, has followed an uninterrupted line of family tradition that has led us to the present fourth generation.

Keeping within our memories all those who preceded us and who in their time generated the illusions that materialised in the reality we inherited, we go on undertaking new projects, facing new challenges with a look at the future, and working day after day for the development and growth of our firm.

Our vocation keeps alive our commitment for service, development, research and work, to offer every day more and better solutions to our customers and to the industries of the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and related markets, contributing this way to a better quality of life for the people.

This is our most precious aim.

Gerard Bonals

Founded in 1910, the company is located approx.15km from the city centre of Barcelona, in Cornellà de Llobregat.

Specialised from the very beginning in the powder treatment technology (granulating, drying, compacting and pressing), our range of products covers all activities with adequate equipment like oscillating granulators, mills, dryers (flow-bed and electrostatic), compacting machines and rotary and eccentric presses, tablet dedusters and tablet hardness tester.

A special success is actually the processing line for the manufacturing of soup cubes. Starting with the equipment to prepare the ingredients over the horizontal mixer with injection of the liquid fat to the rotary press forming the cube, we supply all elements. Downstream wrapping machines from world leaders in packaging industry complete our equipment to a fully automated production line.

All our products are designed and built at our premises to serve the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. We emphasise our ability to adapt our products to the special needs of our customers and welcome any inquiry which could lead to a joint development. Our single punch rotary press type BR 680 for detergent tablets is our second big success. Especially designed for the manufacturing of easy dissolving detergent tablets at low pressure, it is recognised world-wide as the best machine for that purpose.

We at J. BONALS S.A. will continue adapting our products with great flexibility to the changing needs of our customers to assure their competitiveness.


The company goes back to 1910, when a small workshop is established in Barcelona, dedicated to the construction of machinery in general and for the pharmaceutical industry in particular.

Ten years later, J. BONALS begins its specialisation in the development and construction of machinery for solid treatment: granulation, drying, compacting and compression.

During the sixties, new industrial technologies and higher complexity of raw materials to handle forced the company to specialise, adapting the design for the improvement of every customer need.

1910 D. Jaume Bonals Escayola starts a small workshop in Barcelona.
1920 First tablet presses and granulators.
1929 Exhibiting at the Universal Exhibition in Barcelona obtaining the Honour Diploma and Gold Medal. First machines sold abroad.
1936-39 Spanish Civil War. The company is confiscated and manufactures war weapons.
1939 Re-start of the company's activity manufacturing equipment led to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
1955 Extension and updating of the Barcelona plant.
1960 Design and construction of rotary presses and compactors.
1967 J. BONALS S.A. is set as a limited company.
1979 First tablet presses for dry bouillon.
1980 Start of commercial co-operation with first line complementary manufacturers.
1987 First tablet presses for powder detergent.
1989 Company moves to Cornellà de Llobregat, near Barcelona.
1990 to nowadays Constant innovation and presentation in main exhibitions.

The desire for excelling, the spirit of service and our direct collaboration with customers, have led to J. BONALS S.A. to develop technological solutions for a wide diversity of industries: from diamond segments to foodstuffs, abrasives, dyes, fertilisers, ammunition, ceramics, cosmetics, salt, carbon, batteries, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, water treatment and a lot more besides. This diversity of fields and applications is a phenomenon almost exclusively of J. Bonals S.A. that has allowed the market positioning over the last 30 years in more than 50 countries world-wide.

Algeria Egypt Ivory Coast South Africa
Argentina Equador Kenia Spain
Australia France Malaysia Switzerland
Belgium Ghana Mali Togo
Bolivia Greece Mexico Turkey
Brazil Guatemala Netherlands Ukraine
Cameroun Guinea Nigeria United Kingdom
Canada Guinea Equatorial Norway United States
Chile Haiti Peru Uruguay
China Honduras Portugal Venezuela
Colombia India Russia Vietnam
Costa Rica Iraq Senegal  
Dominican Rep. Italy Sierra Leone  

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