Since the early days, we have been manufacturers of tablet press tooling (punches and dies) for eccentric and rotary machines for our own manufactured machines.

Our vast experience allows facing all possible cases, offering:

• Advise on tablet design and formulation.
• Choose the most suitable steel depending on the number of punches (multitips), powder’s chemical properties and environment conditions.
• Tooling surface treatment for abrasive, corrosive or sticky products.




• Complete weight control system for rotary tablet presses BONALS with single or double punch.
• A weight processor generating correction signals to the machine measures all different acting forces in the compression process. The automatic weight control adjusts dosing lever according to different variations detected in the main compression force. If the compression force carried out by the punches is exceeding the pre-set limits, the system actuates on the lever, while the production is by-passed to the reject station until parameters are back into the parameters.
• Error detection of punch lubrication or extra effort on tablet ejection lower levers with machine stop and message with graphic interface, very interpretative and easy operation.


• Product database where all parameters are loaded, including forces, position of levers, operation and feeding speed, filling depth, etc. for each product.
• The user supervises the operations on the tablet press from the touch screen display, which is based on a graphic interface, friendly user.
• All data corresponding to a specific manufactured batch is loaded as a historical report, accessible at any time.
• Restricted access to the system by using security password.


Carga producto
• Velocidad de carga forzada (en rpm)
• Profundidad de carga (en mm.)

Product feeding
• Product forced feeding speed (in rpm)
• Loading depth (in mm.)

• Production speed (in rpm and tablets/minute)
• Compression thickness (in mm)
• Number of punches
• Compression force (average per turn and individual force on every punch)
• Advanced information: punch quality ratio, percentage deviation on every punch, maximum and minimum force.

• Precompression thickness (in mm)
• Precompression force

Punch insertion
• Upper punch penetration force into the die

Tablet ejection
• Lower punch ejection force to remove the tablet from the die.

• Batch general details
• Statistics on production
• Operation

• End of batch
• Lack of product
• Sudden variation of compression force
• Excessive weight correction
• Compression force on lower or upper out of parameters
• Upper/Lower clogged punch
• Lack of lubrication on granule
• Broken or dirty punch
• Excessive individual or general rejection
• Lack of maintenance
• Error on hydraulic pressure
• Excessive temperature into die
• Guards open
• Lack of compressed air
• Etc.



• Specifications are subjected to possible variations
• Screens shown are representative and may vary according to latest software version
• Some of the indicated features may be considered as options

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