Progressing technology in powder treatment demands more and more specialised equipment for the application in the production process.

The BONALS compacting machines have been especially designed and built to satisfy the request for the latest technology and high reliability. The microgranulation achieved is of highest and constant quality and guarantees an almost perfect homogenisation.

Using the dry process avoids the problem of variation of density often seen in the wet process. In addition, the recycling of the granules “out of specs” is possible and eliminates totally the loss of product.

Specially designed feeding system (vertical or horizontal/vertical) with an endless screw (pitch and gradient adapted to the product) allows the feeding of the most delicate low-density powder without any difficulty.

Through the variation of all the different parameters (pressure, compacting roller speed, feeder screw speed, screen size, etc.), the desired result can be achieved with the most variable specifications of the product to be treated.

Two different types of machines are produced for different applications:

- Compacting machines.
- Briquetting machines

BC-150/75V, BC-240/100V,
BC-320/104 and BC-320/300

Due to great inconveniences that present the application of very low density powders, which incorporate air, the tendency is to compact them and turn them into granules, thus increasing the apparent density.

The combination between pressure, rollers and auger speed will be the key point to obtain the best results. This system is applicable for modifying densities for presentation of active principles as well as finished formulations.

Flat or groovy rollers produce ribbons that can be granulated at the desired particle size.

Technical data: BC-150/75V BC-240/100V BC-320/104
Production 40-200 Kg/h 80-400 Kg/h 150-2000 Kg/h
Compacting roller size 150x75 A 240x100 A 320x104 A-300 A
Pressure max. 15 Tn 30 Tn 60 Tn
Power supply 7Kw 13 Kw 25 Kw
Hopper capacity 17 l 20 l Upon request
Cooling H2O H2O H2O
Roller speed 8-30 rpm 8-30 rpm 8-30 rpm
Feeder speed 25-100 rpm 25-100 rpm 25-100 rpm
Dimensions 1400x780x2000 mm 2300x1200x1100 mm 2400x2005x2140 mm
Net weight 850 Kg 2000 Kg 3880 - 4500Kg


BC-320/104, BC-320/200, BC-450/130 and BC-450/300

Another type of presentation, the compaction system allows obtaining any kind of briquette at constant pressure. Thus, increasing systematically the production depending on the roller type and number of cavities fitted in rollers.

Cavities located on the roller surface produce briquettes with predetermined shapes, such as eggs, cushions, teardrops or any other shape.

Briquetting compactors are capable to produce a great amount of product at a low cost.

Technical data: BC-320/104
Production 150-2000 Kg/h 250-3000 Kg/h
Compacting roller size 320X104 A
320x200 A
450x130 A
450x300 A
Pressure max. 60 Tn 90 Tn
Power supply 25 Kw 50 Kw
Hopper capacity To determine To determine
Cooling H2O H2O
Roller speed 8-30 rpm 8-30 rpm
Feeder speed 15-60 rpm 15-60 rpm
Dimensions of machine 2400x2005x2140 mm 2350x2341x1700 mm
Net weight 3880 Kg 5500 Kg


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