BE-30, A-MT, B-MT

These machines press every stroke one or several tablets depending on the number of cavities in the tool.
Precision in the tablet weight and high reliability are the most important advantages. Several executions are available depending on their application field (e.g. explosion proof).
BONALS eccentric compressing machines are in use in following industries: pharmaceutical, chemical, food, ceramics, cosmetic, ammunition and pyrotechnics, colorants.
Three different machines are available whereof the B-MT is used in research laboratories and in Universities for the development of new formulas and recipes.


Technical data: BE-30 A-MT B-MT
Nº de stations 1 1 1
Max. of tablet * 75 mm 60 mm 30 mm
Max. filling height 52 mm 50 mm 30 mm
Strokes per minute 19/24/34 32 32
Max. pressure 30 T 12 T 6 T
Power supply 3,2 kW 2,3 kW 1,5 kW
Dimensions machine 0,80 x 1,00 m 0,75 x 0,75 m 0,60 x 0,75 m
Net weight 1200 Kg 625 Kg 350 Kg
    * With one tablet per die

BH-100, BH-150, BH-200

Automatic hydraulic presses are based on swan-neck type and ideal for manufacturing tablets requiring high efforts.
They are equipped with a PLC and screen. Format, dose adjustment, filling depth and other parameters can be selected.
As an orientation, with 70mm dose and final tablet thickness of 45 mm, a speed between 3,5 and 4 cycles per minute can be achieved.


Technical data: BH-100 BH-150 BH-200
Nº de stations 1 1 1
Max. of tablet * 270 mm 270 mm 270 mm
Max. filling height 90 mm 90 mm 90 mm
Max. preasure 100 T 150 T 200 T
Power supply 15 kW 22,5 kW 30 kW
Dimensions machine 1,30 x 1,90 m 1,60 x 2,30 m 1,60 x 2,40 m
Net weight 4000 Kg 6100 Kg 8800 Kg

Bonals rotary tablet presses are the result of the experience and diversity of applications. Thanks to these factors, we have divided our range of rotary presses considering the application and the specific sector

We present a complete range of models, adapted to each customer specific needs.
GMP standards have been carefully incorporated, as well as the consideration of the design to meet access and cleaning procedures. The safety factor has also been strictly followed.

BR-250 / BG-250

J. Bonals has conceived this model to attend to the global needs of the pharmaceutical sector. From a tablet press equipped with 6 stations leading to the R&D Department to the 25 station tablet press for Production. In both cases, the machine can be supplied with the Weight Control AutoSet-II.

Technical data: BR-250/25 BR-250/21 BR-250/17 BG-250
tipo B
tipo D
Nº of stations 25 21 17 6 6
Type of tooling EU (B) BB EU (B) B EU (D) D EU (B) BB EU (D) D
Max. Dimension of tablet 13 mm 16 mm 25 MM 16 MM 25 mm
Max. production/hour 172.000 145.000 117.300 --- ---
r.p.m. Turret min/max 38/115 38/115
Max filling height 18 mm 18 mm
Max. Precompression force 20 kN 20 kN
Max. Compression force 80 kN 60 kN
Footprint dimensions 790 x 750 mm 790 x 750 mm
Machine height (with hopper) 1810 mm 1810 mm
Net weight 1150 Kg 1150 Kg
Control panel dimensions 950 x 500 x 800 mm 950 x 500 x 800 mm
Control panel net weight 300 Kg approx. 300 Kg approx.



This model offers a high reliability for tablet production, in any of the two possible versions. All adjustments such as compression, dose, upper punch penetration, etc. can be done while the machine is on full production. It is fitted with a forced feeding system with quick attachment to the feeding hopper.

Technical data: BR-420/29 BR-420/35
Nº of stations 29 35
Type of tooling Euronorm D Euronorm B
Máx. tablet 25 mm 16 mm
Maximum output 105.000 126.000
Min/max r.p.m. 17/60 17/60
Maximum filling depth 18 mm 18 mm
Precompression force 20 kN 20 kN
Compression force 70 kN 70 kN
Dimensions machine 1200x1000x1900 mm 790x750x1000 mm
Net weight 2100 Kg 2100 Kg
    * Excluding control panel


This model covers medium and high output requirements. Thanks to the possibility of using multitip punches, tablet output can be up to 600.000 tablets/hour, depending on tablet diameter and product characteristics. Wide range of applications.

Technical data: BR-500/21 BR-500/35 BR-500/41
Nº of stations 21 35 41
Type of tooling BONALS Euronorm D Euronorm B
Max. tablet 35 mm 25 mm 16 mm
Maximum output 151.200* 252.000* 295.200*
Min/max r.p.m. 20/60
Maximum filling depth 25 mm
Precompression force 20 kN
Compression force 80 kN
Dimensions machine 1330x1050x2130 mm
Net Weight 3000 Kg
Control panel dimensions 2000x1800x600 mm
Control panel net weight 350 Kg
    * One table per die

In this group, all models adapted to foodstuff are included; single punch machines for a variety of products such as bouillon tablets and cubes, cocoa, powdered milk and peanut butter tablets.
Compressing is by means of a roller with lower punch against a compression plate. Equipped with a cleaning head for the punch tip and turret on every turn, thus processing even very sticky products.

BR-300, BR-26 y BR-680

Three models specially designed for food tablets using low pressure. We have taken special consideration to highly important factors, like the dose accuracy and the adherence of product onto the punch.

Technical data: BR-300 BR-26 BR-680
Nº of stations 16 27 38
Max. dimension of tablet 38 mm 38 mm 38 mm
Max. production tablets/hour 30.000 54.000 96.000
Max. production cubes/hour 36.000 72.000 120.000
r.p.m. tunet min/max 20/50 12,5/50 10/50
Max filling height 28/38 mm 28/38 mm 30/42 mm
Max. precompression force --- 30 kN 30 kN
Max compression force 60 kN 80 kN 80 kN
Footprint dimensions 1,30 x 1,25 m 1,77 x 1,10 m 1,30 x 1,30 m
Machine height 1,94 m 2,11 m 2,10 m
Net weight 1350 Kg 2900 Kg 4420 Kg
Control panel dimensions Integrado 1,60 x 0,50 x 2,00 mm 1,80 x 0,50 x 2,20 mm
Control panel weight --- 360 Kg 470 Kg




We have an extensive range of rotary presses equipped with one or two punches per station, adapted to the final characteristics of the tablet: pressure, number of colors or layers, shape (round, rectangular, with bevel, etc.). Choosing the right model will depend on the output and final product presentation.


We present the range of rotary tablet presses for household powder products such as dishwashing tablets, salt, detergent tabs, etc.


Technical data: BR-680/S29 BR-680/S34 BR-680/D29 BR-680/D33 BR-680/D35
Nº of stations 29 38 29 33 35
Punches lower lower upper
Discharge chute 1 1 2 2 1
Max. output. One Layer 104.000 tab/h 96.000 208.000 tab/h 238.000 tab/h 125.000 tab/h
Max. output. Two Layer 104.000 tab/h 60.000 104.000 tab/h 118.000 tab/h ---
Max. tablet 45 mm 35 mm 45 mm 35 mm 25 mm
Tunet speed 10/60 rpm 10/60 rpm 10/60 rpm 10/60 rpm 10/60 rpm
Maximum filling capacity 30-54-70 mm 30-54-70 mm 30-54-70 mm 30-54-70 mm 30-54-70 mm
Maximum precompression force 30 kN 30 kN 30 kN 30 kN 60 kN
Maximum compression force 80 kN 80 kN 80 kN 80 kN 120 kW
Footprint 1,30x1,30 m 1,30x1,30 m 1,30x1,30 m 1,30x1,30 m 1,30x1,30 m
Height 2,10 m 2,10 m 2,35 m 2,35 m 2 m
Net weight 4420 Kg 4420 Kg 7000 Kg 7000 Kg 5500 Kg
Control panel dimensions 1,80 x 0,50 x 2,20 m 1,80 x 0,50 x 2,20 m 1,85 x 0,70 x 2,30 m 1,85 x 0,70 x 2,30 m 1,85 x 0,70 x 2,30 m
Control panel net weight 470 Kg 470 Kg 470 Kg 470 Kg 470 Kg

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