J. BONALS, S.A. supplies two different types of dryers, each for one of the two powder drying systems for subsequent manipulation available in the market:

- Fluidized bed Dryer.
- Electro-Automatic Dryer.

This equipment is specially thought for the chemical and pharmaceutical market.


The FLUIDAIR Series dries the product in layers by turbulence and in suspension depending on the flow rate, pressure, etc. to which the air input is adjusted. Due to the high level of aeration which maybe obtained upon the granule surface, they rise and fall without being dragged, thereby achieving rapid dehumidification.

The main feature of this dryer is its stirring system for the product inside the chamber. This system allows the total fluidification of the product by allowing the mechanical adjustment of the starting zone, thus efficiently drying extremely wet products.

The chamber elevation system is hydraulically driven, with automatic alignment of the stirring device drive clutch.
Machines are provided with electric or steam heating equipment, as to customer requirement.

Technical data: FLUIDAIR 50 FLUIDAIR 180
Total capacity of chamber 51,5 dm3 180 dm3
Apparent density 1 1
Power of blower motor 2 Kw 5 Kw
Rated power --- 0,37 Kw
Power of hydraulic unit --- 0,75 Kw
Healting power 16.200 W 48.000 W
Calorific power 13.770 Kcal/h 41.710 Kcal/h
Blower flow rate 2000 m3/h 5200 m3/h
Dimensions 1,75 x 1,10 x 2,10 m 1,85 x 1,20 x 3 m
Net weight 725 Kg 1500 Kg


35 III/I, 75 III/I, 140 III/I and 475 III/I

Operation is based on an air absorption circuit which distributes the air through the interior of the dryer by a gas input and output regulation valve. The valve is vacuum operated and is adjusted by a control lever which can be set to three different work modes: intake, vacuum and gas discharge, and auto-circulation.

The trays, placed on frames which may be fixed or movable and made in stainless steel, might be supplied in perforated plate, plain plate, plastic coated, etc.

The electronic temperature regulator is connected to a probe and has an adjustable proportional band inertia corrector.

The dryers can be supplied with explosion-proof protection on the heating section and with increased safety for the motor, also protected against explosions. When this type of safety measure is ordered, the operation control panel of the dryer must be located at sufficient distance from the dryer, in accordance with the regulations in force.

Technical data: 35 III/I 75 III/I 140 III/I 475 III/I
Air capacity 0,35 m3 0,75 m3 1,20 m3 3,2 m3
Apparent density 35 Kg 75 Kg 140 kg 475 Kg
Number of trays 15 (40x40 cm) 20 (50x50 cm) 40 (50x50 cm) 50 (70x90 cm)
Useful area 2,08 m2 5 m2 10 m2 31,5 m2
Max. temperature 120° C 120° C 120° C 120° C
Power 0,25/0,5 HP 0,50/0,75 HP 2x0,75/1 HP 2x1/1,25 HP
Healting power 1800/3600 W 3600/5400 W 5400/7200 W 7200/9000 W
Dimensions 1,60 x 0,98 x 0,72 m 2 x 1,08 x 0,73 m 2 x 1,7 x 0,73 m 2,25 x 2,25 x 1,15 m
Net weight 225 Kg 305 Kg 610 Kg 1120 Kg


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